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A personal journal is an ideal environment in which to become. It is a perfect place for you to think, feel, discover, expand, remember, and dream.” Brad Wilcox

I am Nana Esi Buduwa Afful. I have been journaling for 14years. A book addict and I love journaling too. Journaling is one of my safe havens.

Growing up, I wasn’t really good at confronting people, so I would write them letters and leave it at their desk when we went on break and for my neighborhood , I would give it to a relative of the offender or admirer. Because I had to be the obedient kid, I found myself writing in my book about an incident that happened at home with my parents that didn’t order well for me. It resulted in me becoming an introverted kid, talking wasn’t my thing anymore but if you gave me a pen and a book, then you would be doomed. I could write everything vividly.

I gradually became a firm believer of Journaling and making it therapeutic. Writing my inner most thoughts and keeping records of my daily activities and emotions at every given time, is one the things I love most.

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Before I found my introverted side through journaling, I was the extrovert in the family. I loved confrontation but anytime I confronted people face to face about an issue, trust me, it always got messy because I had a temper and because of that I could get so loud and mean. Almost all the time, I ended up breaking people emotionally instead of tackling the issue for the confrontation.

I realized confrontation worsen my sanity all the time. I had to find a way out.
So, yeah I had to resort to journaling.

  • It helps me free my mind without anyone knowing.
  • I am able to keep track of my daily activities and emotions.
  • Normally, I practice this when reading a book. I jot down points for future reference and book review.
  • It serves as Reminders of my to-do list.
  • I’m a strong believer of impacting the next generation, so I keep records of my vulnerability, daily activities, prayers, conversations with God, conversations with Self and future husband and children.
  • I like to think this is actually is my reason for journaling, to KEEP MY SANITY.


Things I use when journaling.

-Sticky notes
-Paper Glue


Well, I love to write the date and place when journaling. I’m unconventional when writing. I love to write when I’m emotionally stressed , or going through panic attacks. My safe place is my journal because I get to pour out every stress I’m in, who caused it and how it happened. Sometimes, I get restless if I don’t find words to journal  the emotion I’m in. Till I write it down, I don’t get sane. Through that, I was able to learn about identifying emotions in humans. Hence, the ease in identifying my emotions at every given time and journaling it. It always brought me rest.

I write about it if it’s anger I feel towards someone, I write about the incident and reaction and the way forward. Next I encounter such a situation, I know what to do.

I write letters to God, there’s a date, salutation, body and complimentary. Normally, when I have questions I write to God in a form of letters, other times too, it’s just me having a friendly conversation with Him about my day, the lessons, nature and my friends.

I write my bible studies time with Him too.
The Bible verse
Summary of the passage
The lessons from the passage.
A word of prayer.

I basically journal about everything, a new friend I made, an idea I received, my money transaction.

I can journal five times in a day, both in a book and on my phone. There’s never a time I get overwhelmed that I don’t journal it, anytime I start journaling, whatever I feeling I have, starts to slide and fade away. Sometimes, when a friend offends me or do something out of the normal, they normally say, “please, I beg you don’t journal , just forgive me or don’t report me to God, kindly deal with me on your own terms etc”. Ha!!! Such comments soothes my heart la. Hihihihihi, don’t mind me. I just love to share every moment of my life and space with my journals. It’s a place where I get to be myself and not get judged for it.

For me, journaling is my soul’s therapy, it helps me free myself from this insane world, where most people are mean, it reminds me to be nice at every given moment. – Nana Esi.

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  1. Sena

    Looks like something I might be open to doing when this season of my life is over. Good job, Afiya??

    1. Afiyasays

      That would be great. Looking forward to your own journey. Thanks for reading.

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