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Spending time with or seeking God is one of the ways I have sought to care for myself. I have found that when my spirit is filled, things become easy. It has been a desire but it has not the easiest thing to do.
I have seen one woman of God study the word of God almost everyday consistently for the past five years I have known her. Now that is something! I have seen her relationship with him and it is really one worth emulating.

As I continue on my journey, I thought reaching out for some tips would help me and I wanted to share all with you. You could also begin or strengthen your journey to growing spiritually while you are quarantined.
She is Monica Serwaa Dapaah, a sleep  enthusiast ( my title for her), a God girl, a fashion designer, a writer and a nurse. A.K.A. Monique.

  • Afiya Agyemang= A.A
  • Monica Dapaah= M.D


Seeking God as a self care practice.

A.A: First of all, tell us your interpretation of self care.

M.D: My view of self care is taking care of your self; Your Body, Your spirit, and soul.

A.A: What are your top self-care practices for the 3 parts you mentioned?

M.D: For my body I just make sure it’s neat and I do well to cook myself my favorite meals because eating good is important to the body. I believe in hardwork but when I get tired, I stop everything and sleep because I know if I die from lack of rest, I will be replaced.

Talking about the soul…The bible reveals that there is something which is sweet to the soul that gives anyone who has it a future. Lemme show you

Likewise, know that WISDOM is sweet to the soul; if you have it, you will have a future, and your hope will not be cut off. Proverbs 24:14.

Our Soul needs Wisdom. It needs wisdom to flourish and the word of God is the best place to find it.

Then Taking care of my Spirit….
I’ve always believed that when your spirit is healthy it is easy for the other parts of you to function well because a trained spirit helps a person develop self-control. So yeah I focus a lot on training my spirit through daily reading and studying of God’s word, prayers and specifically speaking in tongues.

A.A: Knowing you for the last 4-5 years, your pursuit of God has been a significant part of you. How did you settle to take that course in life?

M.D: I realized those times I tried doing things on my own, my life was full of constant headaches and confusion hehe. When I got to know God had already prepared good works for me to walk in, (Eph 2:10) I was like “No more! I cannot kill myself. Jesus just take the lead and direct my ways.” Now my life is sooo much better.

A.A: How is your path to seeking God?
How do you do it?

M.D: Seeking God means asking him to show you his will concerning everything. How do I do it? By asking him. I don’t always get the answer there and then but I open up my heart in expectancy for an answer which sometimes comes through his word, prayer, a conversation with a friend, and he speaking to me directly. So yeah, ask and be ready to receive an answer….and just know God doesn’t only use one way to speak to us.

A.A: What challenges have you faced in your journey?

M.D: Tight schedule. Meeehhhn, sometimes you wake up with so many things on your plate you just wish you could take a holiday from life itself hehehehe. Then your feelings whisper, “Do your quiet time later, you are busy, God koraa will understand la”. That’s when you know your flesh and your spirit is at war as the bible puts it in Gal 5:17.

A.A: With regards to devotion, how do you do it?

M.D: Eerrmm I make sure I spend at least an hour every morning for Quiet Time (QT) especially if I have a morning shift. 30 minutes for scriptures and memorizing a bible verse and 30 minutes for prayer. But I must confess things get a little wayward if I wake up late because I slept late.

For me to have an effective Quiet Time, I need to make sure my phone is fully charged. I place my music box and phone beside my bed when sleeping in the night so that it’s easy to reach out for them immediately my eyes flip open in the morning.

I have certain kind of musics on my playlist I love to play in the morning. Reach for my phone, I hit play and fill my room with it. It sets me in the mood for worship and speaking in tongues. At most I pray 30 minutes.

Then my favorite… reading the scripture. I use the Our Daily Bread app. I check the bible reading for the day, try to understand it then type whatever the Holy Spirit reveals to me. I used to write them in my note book but this year, I decided to go digital so I can forever have access to my notes.

I memorize a scripture and type that as well in a file I’ve named “Project learn 100 verses in 2020”.

I go back to the daily bread app and read what insight they had to share as well. I thank God for his word and hit the shower to get ready for work.

I must add there are times I end up praying on my water closet, (I’m shy hahahhaha)
through the shower and dressing up cos I couldn’t wake up on time and didn’t want to be late for work.

A.A: What has helped you stay consistent?

M.D: The knowledge that doing my Quiet Time doesn’t improve God, it improves me. God doesn’t need renewal of mind, I’m the one who needs it in order to be like Jesus. There are great things God has prepared for me but I know I can only walk in them if I grow into maturity and that’s only possible through constant study of the word. This helps me stay consistent.

A.A: What advise will you give to someone who is planning to start a journey to seek God?

M.D: Your life will never be the same again. You will be so transformed you will wonder, “enti me paa me nie.” There are times you will feel like giving up, but don’t because God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him☺.


Thanks Monique, for the insight. I am definitely gonna try some of your tips and apply the consciousness that it’s for my own good. Thank you

Do share with me your thoughts on seeking God and let me know how your path has been.

Till Next time,



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