My Tribe On Instaworld.- Blogmas day 8


Google says Instagram is an American photo and video social networking service but it has felt more than just a photo and video platform and more like a community or an entirely different world of which I happen to have a tribe.

Earlier this year, I made a list of my four favorite instagram accounts and i think i will still maintain that they are, check it out here. I however have a couple more or have discovered a couple more that are absolutely amazing and worth exhausting your data bundle on. In no particular order, these are the additional 6.



@tobenwigwe. I chanced on his page on another’s page when they shared his work on their story. I was drawn to his craftsmanship first and then I fell in love with him when I found out what he stood for and more so because he did everything with his family. The icing on the cake was the fact that he was Nigerian. ‘Try Jesus, don,t try me’ remains my favorite song from his collection. I am grateful that he stands on his grounds when it comes to what and who he represents, the hood.



@iamtabhitabrown is best known for the positivity she spreads and her vegan journey. I personally love how she relates to her family and her peculiar sense of humor. If I ever meet her, my number one request will be to choose anything and any quantity I want from her earring collection. Tabitha Bonita Brown is an American social media personality and actress. You should check her out.



@Akosuashirley is a Ghanaian content creator, initially with the alias “Area girl with branding”, now “Akosua 10k”. According to her bio, she woke up one day and decided, she actually wants to live and this is the story so far. I love her page because she is real and fun and makes enjoying life relatable and easy. I hate sending DMs or replying stories but she gets me to do that all the time so I am pretty sure I am sold!




@knicolewriting uses her page to share information and resources on wellness and mental health. I find myself visiting her page a lot, either for inspiration for topics I am working on or just to get some motivation and posivity for myself.



@kie_kie__. Watching her gets me so excited. She is so funny when it comes to her expressions especially when she mixes her local dialect and pidgin English. As for her fashion sense ,you dare not go there… She is a breath of fresh air on the internet space and also such a good marketer. She can sell practically anything!



@salemkinging. He is known for his short videos. I just recently followed him although I have known about him for quite sometime now. I chanced on a live video  of his and I was marveled at how bold and unapologetic he was about his faith. I followed him that instant. Since then, I have relly enjoed getting to know him as an individual on the instaworld as well as his content.Salem King

There you have it. My favorite instagram accounts.

Do you have any favorites? Share with me, I will be sure to check them out. And of course, follow me on instagram too @afiyaagyemang.

Till Later(No cute salutation today) ,


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  1. Nadia Amoateng

    Good read will check out these accounts. Thanks for sharing

    1. Afiyasays

      You are welcome love. Any favorites?

  2. bhurbx degley

    Akosua Shirley??. She’s fun like you said.
    And Katrina ????.
    I’ll check the rest out.

    1. Afiyasays

      She is. When instagram becomes less of a foreign land to me, I hope to have a page like that. Do check them out, they are great.

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