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The woman asked Preston, ”Why do I have to be called a sinner and why do you have to tell me I was born in sin?” ”Why do you have to make me feel guilty for things I know nothing about?”

Her questions were almost valid considering the perspective she was coming from.

Good Friday, the day Jesus was crucified. The day he died and bore my sins upon the cross. I was not born then, how did I sin?

It almost was unbelievable until I remembered the number of times I have pleaded the blood and have had it work in my favor. I am celebrating the death of my Savior today, believing that I was a sinner who was redeemed. In celebration of the death of an intercessor who died so that he will be seated at the right hand of the father pleading on my behalf.

A sickly child like me have experienced healing, healing by his stripes. I have experienced forgiveness of sin, forgiveness because I confessed in his name. The name that is above every other name because he defeated death when he descended into hell and resurrected. Oh death could not hold him captive.

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All this I am saying may still not make sense but I believe and I think that is the revelation and genesis of all this faith journey, Believe.

Once I was a sinner, saved by grace. There are enormous theories to explain this but I do not need all of them to explain him.
I have seen my heart turn dark, I have felt my heart filled with hatred and I have fantasized about the death of someone. Such wickedness abounding in a heart. Who dare call me righteous unless he has something to exchange and replace my heart with?

I think all I wanted to ask you today is, beyond any reasonable doubt, do you believe? Without me telling you all the stories, do you still acknowledge that he died that you may live? Do you ”see” the pain, do you feel the pain? Are you celebrating Easter for celebrating sake or do you understand what you are celebrating?

Thank God for all you who are celebrating today with the understanding of who Jesus is and what his death meant. I pray that he reveals himself and his truth to all those who do not know, who do not believe and who do not have personal convictions of him in their hearts. I pray you to understand what his death meant.

He died for me to set me free, oh what manner of love.

I am lying in bed today with a heart full of joy and gratefulness. I, this lost soul, was deemed worthy of saving.

Happy Easter, I hope you have the revelation and understanding of his death and I hope we live to appropriate the freedom his death brought to us. Even if you have your own doubts and questions, I pray it causes you to seek him and ask him. He is ready to give you a revelation.

Enjoy today. Happy Good Friday.

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  1. Bosede

    Happy Good Friday Afiya. The manner of Jesus’ love still shocks me. I don’t think I will ever fully understand how I could be made righteous just by having faith in Him. I still don’t know how He forgives without shaming me or reminding me of my sins both past, present and future. His Kind Of Love is the best in the all of creation.

    1. Afiyasays


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