In 2018, in a conversation with my girls, I opened up about the mental battle I have been in and was still fighting. We cried and did all the cute stuff girly girls do and that eased my pain in ways I am yet to understand.
If only I had done that earlier, I kept thinking, liberation from all the mental stuff would have been faster. Then I thought about the reason I was silent and I remembered I lived in a community that perfection was the order of the day.
Through all my years as a girl who battled insecurities and other mental health issues, I had not one person to look to or reach out to, so being open about my struggle seemed so out of place.
By grace, I came across the likes of Jammie Grace, Janette _itz, and Jackie Hill who made me understand and appreciate my journey, and for once I felt my journey mattered and my difference was OK, and most importantly I got to know that I was not alone. I finally had someone to quote and say ‘oh this person also experienced this and did this’. (more…)

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  Today we have an interview session with one beautiful writer, poet and an author who just released her maiden book. Depression is known to be very prevalent in creatives…

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